Receiving vaccinations before travel can provide protection from vaccine preventable diseases that are still prevalent in parts of the world. Our office carries a wide variety of travel vaccines including: Influenza, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, Pneumonia, Polio, Shingrix, TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis), Typhoid, Yellow Fever. We also have the ability to order upon request additional vaccines such as the Japanese Encephalitis or Rabies vaccines. We also provide pre and post travel counseling with destination specific information and malaria prophylaxis, if appropriate.

Questions and Answers:

How long before my trip should I schedule my appointment with your travel medicine specialist?

You should try to schedule your appointment 4-6 weeks before your travel date. Some vaccinations require a series over a period of weeks. Also, if vaccinations are required, you need to give your body time to develop the necessary immunity.

Will my health insurance pay for my Travel Medicine Consultation and Vaccinations?

Your health insurance will NOT pay for your Travel Medicine Consultation. Several health insurance companies will pay for certain vaccinations. If we are able to submit your vaccinations to your health insurance company, we will either submit the bill to them or reimburse you once your health insurance company pays us. However, certain vaccinations that are considered "Travel Vaccinations" will NOT be paid by your health insurance. You will be required to pay for these vaccines at the time you schedule your Travel Medicine Consultation, so that they can be ordered. Any vaccines ordered, cannot be returned to the manufacturer and therefore, the cost of the vaccine will not be reimbursed to you, should you cancel your appointment.

Travel Alerts

Before leaving for a vacation or work-related trip, check the the US State Department to check the warning level of the country you are about to go. External link opens in new tab or window

Also, sign up for updated travel advisories and alerts by enrolling in the STEP Program at